50+ Miss You Status For Him – Missing Him Status

it’s not all I Miss You Status to him that’ll sweet him off his feet and wish he could also be with you in that moment. You need to send heart touching messages, let him know that you really miss him and above all, you love him even more than ever.This is where we got you covered! This set contains 50 cute I miss you Status for him. Perfect for your husband or boyfriend. Pick any and see how close it’ll be no matter how far.

Best Miss U Status Hearts Teaching For Whatsapp

I Miss You Status counting time for far too long and the hours have gone away, yet I can’t reach the love of my life.I wish you were here before me, all sadness would have disappeared and joy would fill my heart.I can’t deny the fact that I miss you so much, dear – Miss you Status

50+ Miss You Status For Him - Missing Him Status
Best Hearts Teaching Miss You Status
  1. I have been counting time for far too long and the hours have gone away, yet I can’t reach the love of my life.

2. I miss you my sweet and handsome and it’s the truth because I can’t live without you next to me.I love you my beloved, that’s why I can’t live even a second without you.i really miss you, Prince of my heart!

3. I had refused to come because you were not right here next to me for a restful sleep tonight. No one can tell me nice stories or crack the best jokes with me. I cherish you a gem of so much joy and passion. I wish you were here before me, just want to let you know “I miss you!

4. For every moments we shared together filled with endless happiness and joy. I am so lucky that a nice man like you is my husband. If it wasn’t for your presence in my life I wonder how sad I would have become. You are my super miss hero!

5. Love cannot be expressed with words from its mouth rather than actions and feelings after we have been away from each other for a while. I’m no longer happy since the day you leave it every day and I hope you’re your handsome face again. You are sweet my dear husband. I miss you!

6. If there is anything I hate the most, then it is to see you walk away. It hurts me so much baby – I wish you would always be with me every second of my life but fate refused to favor me in this corner. Wherever you are, please remember I’m dying to see you soon. I miss you love!

7. My life is connected to you because I am your lost rib that I found on that blessed day of our wedding. I just can’t stand this loneliness – baby I miss you!

8. At a certain time, I used to feel a kind of passionate joy in me whenever I woke up and looked for another handsome man next to me but now the story has changed because the distance has torn us apart for a while. You will be sick of love until you return home. I really miss you!

9. I love the way I’m actually addicted to you it pleases my heart. You always put a smile on my face and since the day I met you I never regret knowing you even once.

10. A man cannot replace your space in my heart because it is completely occupied with your love. I don’t know why so many fall in love with you but one thing is certain which is the fact that you are the perfect man for me. I love you my dear love – wherever you are, I just know that I miss you!Roman I Miss You Messages For Him

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11. Without you I am imperfect – it is one truth that does not lie in my opinion. Time without number failed to live alone without you, this gives me more confidence about the best man I have chosen in my life. I hope to see your smiling face sooner. I miss you, baby!

12. Now and for the rest of my life, you alone will love the most among the millions of men out there because you are my dream come true. You shower me with endless love and give me a reason to be happy now and forever. I just want to say I miss you Status

13. There is no doubt that I will always be sad and sick in love without you by my side. The truth is that you have taken away from my heart with you to a distance where the beholder can no longer see you. Baby, what have you done to my heart that does without shedding tears just to see you a second time? I miss you!

14. Missing you is one of the biggest challenges my heart has always faced. I’d hate to see you walk away because all my days and nights won’t be my own until you’re back again. Cherish you beyond what you expect. My heart, I miss you!

15. For the rest of my life, I want to live with you so that I can feel the impact of that wonderful person God gave you. Simple man you are–indeed you weren’t bad at all because you showed me how man enough you are. I miss you, my beloved. Now and forever, I will cherish you!

16. You used to believe that true false love fulfills you and becomes the one in your heart. Baby I am satisfied with your love aura. You are very cute and handsome. But I have this problem – since the day you turned your back against your door, my heart has been filled with loneliness, I miss you Status

17. The wicked distance can be so taken you away from me. If I knew this was how horrible missing you would be, I would have preferred to go with you wherever you are. I am so attached to you as a mutual intellect. Baby I can’t get away with your thoughts please be back soon. I love you!

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18. My joy lies in the fact that I see your handsome face every day of my life – I was never sick of you for a day leaving me alone. I was unaware of you getting used to it but I never noticed until I saw you walking away. It hurts when I where I can not find. I miss you my love!

19. God chose the best man for me What do I need in life? You can meet me, take care of my children and honor me with endless respect. I am glad to belong to you. Now I’m just so lonely, I wish I could see you.

20.I am so lucky to find a nice person like you in my life cause you are a perfect man to be with.I love the calmness of your voice and the charm of your strong smile, which revives my soul like the life of the earth with rain after its death.I miss you baby!

21. The rule of my heart seeks nothing but your presence, asks for anything but your voice, it needs nothing but your smile and dies to hear anything but your voice. I’m so worried because you’re so far from me. No matter how strong my heart can be, it can’t withstand missing you!

22. I got used to you, no facts about me would be too terrible to my heart. My dear love, I needed you at home as soon as possible so that we could feel the effect of what love conveys. I cherish you my love the reason why I’m always happy. I miss you!

23. The first time I set my eyes on you, I fell deeply in love with you so I can’t live without you. respirator where has been? Where do you take my heart to? I am so sad longing to see your bright face again. I just want to say I miss you!

24. . There is a fact that I want you to know and it is the fact that you cannot come daily without your thoughts eating deep into my heart.i miss you baby!

25. I love you my jewel child of joy and happiness. I don’t think my life is possible without you around me. My heart is very sad that you have gone so far out of my sight. I don’t feel good whenever I see your face and turn away from me. Please come back home to regain my joy again. I miss you!

26. I am glad to reach you tonight but what afflicts me now is the fact that I cannot see or touch you. I’m so tired of being alone without you – many hours have passed after your handsome face has been taken away from me. I miss you love!

27. After finding a blessed person like you, my heart will become so filled with joy and happiness. Nobody can take me away from you but death. I just want you to know that I miss you!

28. I miss you the joy of my life who puts a smile on my face with my whole heart. From my heart to the end of it I cherish you. Dad of my kids you are awesome Enjoy spending my life with joy I miss you

29. I love your smile and the joy you put into my life. I love you my dear hero why and who you are. No matter what people say, I will continue to cherish you until the end of time. Days passed and hours passed but the most important thing is that I am alive with you. Baby I miss you!

30. If life without you would then boredom of my life to the core.I can’t breathe without you by my side.I wish I could see you right now but the most painful thing is that you are where you can’t find me around here.I am the oppressed even in your absence.I miss you sweetheart

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31. There is a reason why I am always happy but it has been taken away for a while — you are that reason. Why did you do this to me? I thought I could withstand your absence until you let go. My dear love, I’m really dying to see you again.

32. For the days I spent with you — Ben brought endless joy and passion. My dear love, I would like you to know how much I love to always be with you—even an inch step would be hard for you to take away from me. I am used to you please come back soon.

33. That’s what love turned me into – the Queen of Search belongs to her. I can imagine a world where there would be something called traveling or moving so far that I could always be wrapped in your chest. We owe you a romantic kiss and a blissful hug. I miss you baby!

34. This morning I woke up to thank the Lord for matching us together but one thing makes me sad – you don’t work at all next to me. I’m lonely so love my dear, the most important thing for me now is to see you right away.

35. You are dear even more than that most precious gold. Out of millions of flowers I chose you because you are the right man for me. When I met you, I was touched by the fact that you were the guardian angel the guardian angel God had sent me.

36. Life without you is like a game of death – my heart will be full of fear and anxiety. I cherish you my love but something that remains disturbing in my heart is the fact that the distance has taken you away from me.

37. The only thing that makes me love you is the fact that you are so kind and interesting.I don’t understand why you keep missing you as if life will end!

38. I appreciate you my love you are the most interesting person I have ever come across in life. You are so special the only true friend I have met in life – thank God our marriage had that blessed day.

39. Without ale I think my life would have been so miserable and the reason is because you have proven to me how difficult things would be without beside me. I am very much in love with you my beloved. I want to tell you how much.

40. My joy is not for any but would have been a super wife. I love you my dear husband for everything you have done in my life. I hope you understand how much you mean to me. Time may separate us now but I will never forget you.

41.I was afraid of you the first day we met thinking that your heart would be hard to describe as a well built body but to my surprise I realize you are the softest heart I have ever encountered in life.I am lucky to find you.

42. You may not know how much I miss you but the fact that your love has spread all over my heart lives no space for anyone else. Baby you are so amazing that way I am the luckiest lady on earth.

43. A day without you is like a journey of pain – it is not easy to live without you my sweet love, day and night I think of you, loneliness is a disease without treatment as things will be difficult for me. I miss you sweetheart!

44. I wish I could see your handsome face right now but I’m sad because your absence has taken my joy away. I’ve never seen your value up to this level until you leave me for the trip. I cherish you my dear angel. I miss you!

45. You mean the world to me, the love of my heart. My life is complete with you, but without you this life is bored.I miss you messages for love

46. Love is a joyful thing when you find the right person. I’m so glad you’re the kind of guy I’ve always wanted. Thank God fate brought us together. Wherever you are, just know that somewhere, somehow someone is missing you!

47.I love this man like never before and I hope he will understand this fact.I can’t explain the depth of my love for you, and that’s the reason why I’ll always be sad not to find you next to me.

48. The day I met you I realized how lucky I found a nice guy like you – my goal in life is to live with a man who will care for me and show me all the love in this life. I found you, find complete peace in my heart.

49. True love exists but many have failed to observe. I am lucky to meet you in life because you can show me what it takes to be caring. I cherish you for my love. How I wish I could chat you right away? I miss you my love

50. Every moment spent with you comes with a joy that never stops at the end. Your passion is like the ocean and that no one can swim true.

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