150+ Best Feeling Status – Alone Status

feeling status Hurting someone is very easy, but if you yourself are hurt you will know the agony of being hurt and crushed.Offensive quotes will let you realize the agony of being hurt.

Each of us may have experienced being heartbroken .My life My Rules Quotes Here, we have selected some hurt quotes that will show what it really feels like when you are and hurt someone you love. feeling Quotes You will not know the strength of yourself until you have been hurt badly.

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their choice. – Mark TwainI want to be a little girl again, because skinny knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. – Julia RobertsThe truth is everything will hurt you: you just have to find the ones worth suffering.feeling status

150+ Best Feeling Status - Alone Status

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1:) Love is the only reality and it is not a simple feeling.

2:) The best way to understand reality is through feelings.

3:) If it’s going to be a timeless world for feelings, it’s not a world I want to live in.Christopher Isherwood

4:) What we need now are heroes and heroines, about a million of them, one brave act is worth a thousand books. Feeling without action is the bane of the soul.

5:) They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

6:) Feelings shouldn’t be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotional.

7:) I wonder if this world is left with a corner where true feelings are experienced, where there is a good, authentic laugh.

8:) Few people see with their own eyes and feel with their hearts.

9:) Life has value thanks to feelings, emotions, tears, laughter, tears and smiles. Life has value because of all these things, which are the glory of life.

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10:) You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to hear.

11:) Whatever you do, you should do it with feeling.

12:) Bad movies, bad writing, and simple clichés still manage to make us feel towards each other. Part of me is disgusted by this. Part of me celebrates it.

13:) Compassion is the original human nature. It is the human potential to achieve the higher evolution of consciousness.

14:) A gentleman is one who never unintentionally hurts anyone’s feelings.

15:) Hiding feelings when approaching crying is the secret of dignity.

16:) The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.They must be felt with the heart.

17:) Never let your feelings interfere with seeing things as they really are. There is no feeling, except extremes of fear and pain, which find no relief in music.

18:) Sometimes your mind says No, but your heart says Go.

20:) We must not pretend to understand the world only with intelligence: we know it, to the same extent, through feeling.

21:) Our feelings are our most authentic paths towards knowledge.

22:) We destroy ourselves when we stop hearing. If you bury your feelings inside you, you become a graveyard.

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23:) Those who do not have the modesty of feelings, will not even have the depth..

24:) If a feeling can be hurt, it means that it is still alive.

25:) There is only one case in which a man manages to hide a feeling: when he does not feel it.

26:) The concrete pillars support the houses, the marble columns the temples, the noble sentiments of man.

27:) Neither cowardice nor courage are without affectation. Not even love. Feelings are never true, they play with their mirror.

28:) In terms of feeling, what can be evaluated has no value.feeling surprised status

29:) Most people do not believe in the purity of great ideals and great feelings, because for the most part they can only have low ideals and low feelings.

30:) Is there, perhaps, a more illusory feeling than love?

31:) That there is a solution to the problems is something that worries only a minority; that the feelings have no result, do not end anything, are lost in themselves, this is the unconscious drama of all, the insoluble affective from which each one suffers without thinking about it.

32:) We no longer cry anymore – except in the bathroom, where no one sees or hears us – nor do we smile, if not at our children. We do not express our feelings because others may judge us vulnerable and take advantage of it.

33:) Human nature is a strange mix of feelings.

34:) We are such fickle creatures that we end up having the feelings we simulate.

35:) Feeling: digested feeling.Adrien Decourcelle , The formulas of Doctor Gregory, 186836:) Love lives not only on sentiment but on steaks.

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37:) It is a beautiful thing to see your neighbor, when at the first meeting you discover the same feeling, or at least with the ardent desire towards this end.

38:) Deep feelings resemble honest women, who are afraid of being discovered, and go through life with their eyes downcast.

40:) The rhetoric of good feelings is a thick blanket that we spread over the ambivalence of our soul, where love is chained with hatred, pleasure with pain, blessing with curse, light of day with darkness of night. , because deep down all things are intertwined in an invisible disharmony.

41:) The value of a feeling is the sum of the sacrifices one is willing to make for it.

42:) The heart, pierced by feeling, oozes molasses.feeling hurt status

43:) It is easier for a woman to lead us to feeling through the senses than to the senses through feeling.

44:) Emphasizing feelings and ideals; the rhetoric ends up devaluing them.

45:) Sentiment fills the gaps of ignorance.Eugène Godin , The Education of Huguette, 191246:) Sentiment is the measure of our sensitivity; the true origin of the true, of the good, of the beautiful!

47:) Sentiment is the first, deepest and almost only sense of men.

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49:) When there is nothing in a feeling that is unanalyzable, there is nothing and that’s it.

50:) What are beauty or ugliness in the face of love? What is the ugliness of a face in the face of feeling in whose greatness the absolute itself is reflected?

51:) It is more difficult to disguise the feelings you have than to pretend the ones you don’t have.

52:) Each sentiment has its own tone of voice, gestures and expressions of its own. And this relationship, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, makes people like or dislike.

53:) Every negative feeling backfires on the person who feels it, has the effect of a boomerang.sad feeling status in hindi

54:) The lyricists of great feelings do not always manage to inculcate them in their breasts.

55:) They hugged so tightly that there was no room for feelings.

56:) Do I step on your most sacred feelings? Do not have them so down to earth.

57:) Life is the effect of feelings. Life is simply what our feelings do for us.

58:) When man has no feeling of any particular good or evil, he generally feels man’s native unhappiness, and this is that feeling which is called boredom.

59:) Good feelings always lead to great deals.Leo Longanesi , His Lady, 1957

60:) In terms of feeling, intensity is everything, content is nothing.

61:) Feelings are life: no matter how indifferent one may be, one cannot completely avoid emotional experiences.

62:) Feelings are like tropical plants. To thrive, they need warmth.

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63:) Feelings are what men offer to women when the money is gone. (Marriage comes good when feelings are gone too.)

64:) The true strength of the style is in the sentiment.love feeling status

65:) When they are young people spread their feelings trying to impose them with arrogance. Gradually we become more discreet and cautious and finally they keep themselves hidden as if we were ashamed of it.

66:) As children we have toys. When grown up, the feelings.

67:) The things of others (including feelings) must be treated with the utmost respect in order to be able to give them back at any time as they were given to us.

68:) Fighting feelings is a battle from which one comes out defeated. Feeling Status

69:) Just talking about feelings makes them vulgar. The authentic ones are evanescent entities so delicate and impalpable that they can hardly bear to be thought and intuited.

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70:) When the feelings are extolled they no longer sing.

71:) He distrusts the feelings of others when his own begins to cool down.

72:) Desirable invention: the fridge of feelings.

73:) Human nature is designed in such a way as to refuse the idea and, even more so, to the observation that one’s feelings cannot be reciprocated.

74:) As the instruments become more sensitive, the sensitivity of feelings decreases.

75:) Getting rid of a stubbornly clinging feeling is just as difficult as getting rid of burdock curls.feeling happy status

76:) Only those who have suffered life experiences feel if there is a concordance between external and internal feelings.

77:) Not strength, but the constancy of a high sentiment makes man superior.

78:) Life has value thanks to feelings, emotions, tears, laughter, tears and smiles. Life has value because of all these things,

79:) The art of never being disheartened by the reactions of others, remembering that the value of a feeling is our judgment because we will feel it, not whoever intervenes.

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80:) Sentiment is the fertile ground from which the flowers of the imagination germinate and blossom: their intoxicating scents rise up to the spirit and cloud its brightness.

81:) The sentiment, born of deep love, cannot unfold without devouring our hearts. It’s the nut worm. One day it comes out and then we realize the end of life.

82:) A single feeling is sometimes made up of opposites. Feeling Status

83:) The real nobility of an individual can be measured by the sum of not very noble feelings that he allows himself to be seen.

84:) So-called impulsive men are usually not sentiment-squaders, they just don’t have the patience to keep them in check.

85:) There is nothing good in man but his new feelings and his old thoughts.

86:) Hiding your feelings is as common as revealing your secrets.

87:) It is a common fact that humans often do not show themselves up to the noblest actions and feelings; a little less that they are not even with respect to the most unseemly ones, who further discredit with remorse and shame.

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88:) From the first moment we come into the world we have feelings: pain, joy, fear and anger. We learn to hide the feelings that frighten us, first from others … and then also from ourselves. Many of us live life at a safe distance from our deepest feelings and never stop to ask ourselves what would happen if we allowed ourselves to fully experience them, express them and share them with the rest of the world. feeling alone status

89:) Feelings … Very often we fool ourselves into believing we can control them, until one day we are trapped. Caught off guard by anger, jealousy … or love, and we are forced to face reality.

90:) Precinct , 1981 Hiding a bad mood, or any other feeling, without overcoming it, is sometimes worse than letting it out.

91:) A well-defined feeling is a mutilated feeling.Paul Valéry , Mélange, 1939

92:) When the soul is full of feelings, our words are full of interest.

93:) The sterility of feelings feeds laziness.Luc de Clapiers de Vauvenargues , ibidem Vulgar

94:) people are always willing to defile any sentiment, even the most noble, precisely because they are unable to conceive it.

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